Tuesday, March 27, 2007

sen. leahy gets granular with AG gonzales on goodling

in a letter released today, sen.
patrick leahy, the chairman of the
senate judiciary committee, asked
for some straight answers from attorney
general alberto gonzales before
he convenes his hearing on thurday. . .

straight answers about why ms. goodling's
status is reported as "on-leave"
from the department of justice, among
other matters. . .

[i particularly appreciate the gravamen
conveyed by his penning in, long-hand, with
a wide-nib marker, no less, the request
that mr. gonzales' answers be timed to
arrive before thursday! an excellent
ex-prosecutorial flourish, that!]

if you click on the image of the letter
which appears below, you will see it in
larger, legible, printable size:

as a poli. sci professor at chicago's
roosevelt university, paul green
(whose name, unfortunately, i did not catch),
intoned this afternoon, after mr. gonzales abruptly
bolted from a press conference (after just
three questions in just over a minute, all
on purge-gate), "mr. gonzales is a
high fly ball heading out -- toward
waveland avenue
, referring, of course,
to the friendly confines of wrigley field. . . he
continued to say that "only a very strong wind
blowing in [would] now keep that ball in the
park. . . no, he's gone. . ."


very well-put, indeed.


Uppity Gal said...

GREAT read; good stuff! Thanks for the links.
Bookmarked your blog - keep up the great work!

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c'mon back now,
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