Monday, May 14, 2007

Rep. Robert Wexler -- new video! installment four -- questions AG Alberto Gonzales

rep. robert wexler -- quite sensibly -- cannot
believe that mr. gonzales is suggesting
the reason gonzales cannot answer the house
judiciary committee's questions is because he
"doesn't want to interfere with the integrity
of the investigation
. . . rep. wexler nails mr.
gonzales with the fact that the DoJ
didn't begin any investigation of the firings
until well-after the house and senate judiciary
committees announced their investigations. . .

there can be almost no more-damning-a-
single-minute-of-may-10-hearing-video, extant.

do watch -- [and do see installments one
through three, linked in the right margin,
toward the top of the page. . .]

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