Monday, May 14, 2007

rep. henry waxman to take WH security advisor's deposition as early as this friday

again -- like the scheduled non-appearance
of u.s. attorney schlozman [who is
demurring, due to vacation(!) plans, until
june 6, 2007] -- i won't hold my breath waiting
for steven j. hadley to voluntarily appear this
friday for a deposition on "the 16 words",
and the forged evidence therefore. . .

i suspect -- like schlozman -- a subpoena
will be needed, to bring him in. . .

but i do believe he will ultimately have
to give a sworn statement on the matter -- it
may be june by the time his subpoena is served
with a return date, but it will happen.

separately, george tenant will appear before
rep. waxman's oversight committee, on june
19, 2007, and supposedly, so will secretary of
state condoleezza rice
-- all to answer for
the cooked-intel that led us into iraq. . .

take a look -- and good for waxman!

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