Saturday, May 5, 2007

exhibit A for the proposition that "the truth will always be far stranger. . ."

". . . far stranger than anything we
could ever make up. . .

a talkleft post on the erh, "unusual" recent
curricula vita of deborah palfrey's
current lawyer
, led me to do some looking, and. . .

i noticed that teddy san fran at firedoglake
was carrying a bizarre palfrey-mess story this afternoon:

. . .And now, according to "Above The Law", the DCMadam's assistant's day job was assisting the head of Akin Gump's criminal litigation group, John M. Dowd, who represents Monica Goodling and wrote her Fifth Amendment letter to Henry Waxman. Above The Law's David Lat writes:
We've learned that the Akin Gump temptress worked for someone even more senior at the firm -- and even more powerful. We have confirmed, with knowledgeable sources, what was previously rumored in reader comments. The Akin Gump Escort worked for John M. Dowd, the high-powered head of the firm's criminal litigation group. . .

so -- i owe an apology to whomever i
told that i thought this was simply
the geometric contraction of the six-
degrees of separation theory. . . was
"down to two," i said. . . no, it
is apparently down to. . . none.

makes me really wonder a-new (and teddy
speculates on this as well), just how
ms. goodling came to be a client of akin,
gump. . . was she already known to
the firm in some other manner?

so -- the truth will always be far stranger. . . no?

". . .out there -- outside
the courtroom -- the b!tch
[blind-folded justice] got eyes. . ."

-- joe miller, esq. [played
deftly by denzel washington],
in "philadelphia". . .

that is all (i can stand). . .

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