Saturday, May 5, 2007

as ever -- the "demon" resides "in the details", on this one. . .

late yesterday, in a letter
bearing a thursday date, the
department of justice let senators
patrick leahy and sheldon whitehouse
[here is the senators' original letter,
asking for a public release of the results
know that the office of inspector
general, and the office of professional
responsibility, will ultimately make a
"joint report" of the results of the
internal DoJ "investigation" into the
mass-firings of the u.s. attorneys
public -- but, as always, the demon
resides in the details, here. . .

i'll explain what i mean, after we
take a closer look at the hertling
letter [click it to see in larger size]:

so -- that last line is a bit
prickly, no? it appears to offer
cooperation, but establishes a
unilateral standard -- it would
more transparently be written as:

". . .OIG and OPR will
jointly decide which details
of each of our investigations
to make public in a joint report
. . ."

not. so. very. good. news.

now, i think this "investigation" will be
washed-away by a tsunami of house-and-senate-
investigations, very shortly, so i won't be too
overly troubled by that last line. . .

but it is just such disingenuous double-speak:
war is peace; deception is truth; and now,
"obfuscation is cooperation. . ."

damn. just. . . damn.

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