Thursday, April 26, 2007

stroz friedberg llc has imaged many of the r.n.c. devices

or, where the rubber's gonna' meet the road. . .

stupidly, i overlooked this detail in
the flurry of activity yesterday -- only
to remember what i had actually read,
this morning. . .

and so, as "just.-one.-more.-step." in the
covington & burling law firm's "slow-
" response strategy, on behalf
of its client, mike duncan and the r.n.c.,
to representative henry waxman, the above letter,
trying to buy some more time, was delivered
to waxman on the morning of april 25, 2007.

we now know that this attempt to stave off
the issuance of a subpoena failed -- in fact,
rep. waxman referred to the letter rather
aridly(!) in his opening statement
at yesterday's meeting. . .

what seems lost -- as we all (i) tossed it
on the heap of delay-tactics-waste-of-
dead-tree-resources -- are a few rather
tellling paragraphs. . . so, let's look,
with "our better eyes", this time:

note that the stroz friedberg l.l.c.
forensic experts have "imaged" many of
the r.n.c. devices -- blackberries,
laptops, computers and presumably,
then -- the servers, as well
[full-text PDF of the letter here]. . .

the upshot here is even if someone,
anyone, inside or outside the administration
had a plan to alter the records, they are
now arriving too late. a completely inde-
pendent copy -- presumably of everything,
for that is what stroz has been retained to
"retrieve" -- now exists.

my very strong hunch is that if there was
any shell-game afoot in the announcement of
steven j. bloch's office of special counsel
hatch act investigation on monday
, the game
was over before it got started. note that
it has been "several days" since the stroz
folks began their imaging efforts. . .

note also that sara taylor and scott jennings
are clearly under renewed focus by the
separate subpoena authorizations granted
sen. patrick leahy over at the senate's
judiciary committee.

finally, the covington & burling letter dis-
closes that a "pass-around" OPA interns' e-mail
account exists at the r.n.c. this means that
interns -- acting anonymously -- were inter-
changably using the r.n.c. e-mail account, for. . .

um. . . who knows what!? this might prove to
be a fruitful line of inquiry, as well. . .

as ever, developing.


Liberality said...

This is going to be fun! After years of getting away with anything they damn well wanted, time now to pay the piper.

nolo said...

time, indeed!

as t.rexx. is fond of
saying, "karma's a bitch,
and she knows where you live
. . ."

and so -- special greetings
to karl rove, here!

he he!

thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Hello nolo!

I don't get a chance to surf around as much as I would like, but am happy to have tumbled onto your little piece of toobz real estate here.

Your layout here is creative and interesting, and you highlight the key points of (mal)administration duplicity very well, indeed. I like the way you pick out the overlooked, but choice, details in the correspondence to Congress.

Thanks for this!

Mrs. K8

nolo said...

s m i l e. . .

thanks -- c'mon back,
and i'll keep on diggin'. . .

lord knows -- with these folks,
we'll never, EVER run out -- of
raw material. . .