Tuesday, April 24, 2007

the steven j. bloch/office of special counsel plot thickens. . .

thinkprogress carries a new,
updated story
which quotes m.s.n.b.c. . .

it now turns out that none
other than fired new mexico
u.s. attorney david iglesias
may be the main reason bloch
opened the karl rove/
hatch act investigation
at OSC. . .

and that might mean there is more,
much more, than a token intention to investigate.

quoth the think progress piece:

. . .Iglesias also said that while evidence of Rove’s potential illegal actions is currently only circumstantial, “I believe if OSC digs in, they can get direct evidence.”
[T]he Justice Department papers everything. I mean, the most minute issue has an incredible researched and memoed product. There has to be a paper trail. I haven’t seen it yet. If it’s not at the Justice Department, it has got to be at the White House.

Finally, Iglesias said he believes that Monica Goodling — former counsel to Alberto Gonzales and the Justice Department’s liaison to the White House — holds the “keys to the kingdom” in terms of uncovering the roots of the U.S. Attorney purge, since she can describe the communication that took place between the White House and the Justice Department. . .

i am beginning to hope, or think,
that mr. bloch can see that both
gonzales and rove are going to
be judged dimly -- in the historical
gloaming. . . so, he is trying
a "one noble last act" approach (a la
govenor jim thompson commuting
all death sentences in illinois
once he knew he was going down
for the selling of trucker-licenses
scandal, anyway. . .), to avoid being
a g. gordon libby, as opposed to cutting
a white-house-counsel john dean
figure (watergate reference). . .

who knows?

time will tell.


Uppity Gal said...

I just want to say that this blog is INCREDIBLE and so well written. thanks for what you do! :o)

nolo said...

thank you so much
for noticing! -- it,
as ever, is in need
of editing, and some
polishing -- but there
are only so many hours
in a day. . so, i try
to get my main ideas across,
and then trust the audience
is intelligent [yours being
proof-positive of this!] enough
to fill-in around my margins. . .

again, thanks for stopping
by -- c'mon back now, ya-herd(?!)