Monday, June 9, 2008

FOX network sees a "terrorist's fist jab" in barack obama's "dap" with his wife. . .

UPDATED -- 06.10.08 PM -- this one bobble-
headed FOX numb-skull (below) has been relieved
of her on air duties -- her show has been cancelled,
and she is supposedly going to be re-assigned. . .

too little -- too late, mr. murdoch.

courtesy of think progress, and it,
via media matters -- we were alerted to this
truly-mind-numbed piece of "tee-vee journal-
", handled as only rupert murdoch's
FOX NEWS could.

just watch this all new "nightly nolo"
episode -- it is only about 45 seconds long (wow!):

even putting aside the obvious
racial overtones to this remark. . .

it astonishes with its stealthiness. . .

it all seems so very-sinister -- very calculated, to us.


BTW, this is not off-topic for this blog, unless and
until FOX teases president bush's recent "chest-
" (with an air force cadet, at graduation),
as an act of support for communism. yeh. that.

UPDATED: how to complain about all of this:


Stella by Starlight said...

Yep, that'd be Faux Noise. I thought the "hand bump thumbs up" was by far the coolest thing I ever saw any winning candidate do with his/her spouse. Can we indict Faux News while we're on the topic?

Terrorist fist. Oh, please...

Great blog, great idea.

Anonymous said...

hey -- i'm with ya' -- do fill out a
complaint about FOX over at -- that is as close
to an "indictment" as we'll
likely ever get, as to FOX.

and, did i say -- well-met,
stella? where are my manners?!


namaste, nolo

Anonymous said...

what a depsperate group OF MEDIA SLUT GIANTS
They are doing the sponsors no good and this dis information on the new admistration is so abovious I dont know why 1000 people protest outside there glass studio.
They hire semi good looking blondes and I want highly educated men from the industries of govt or reaal journalist that can articulate there own opinion of the story----SORRY THIS IS SENSORED BY MURDOCK AND ROWE TO THIS DAY