Tuesday, December 4, 2007

new VIDEO -- the LEAST curious leader of the free world -- EVER!

so, dick cheney is busily
making the case that iran cannot
be allowed to possess nukes as
the nombre 1 justification for
launching an attack on that
country. . .

but, in august, 2007, george
bush hears, from michael mcconnell,
that he has "new intell information"
on the state of iran's nuke program. . .

and bush doesn't ask what that new
information holds -- in fact, he
only heard about the NIE last week!?

both emptywheel and talkingpointsmemo
have pointed to the lack of consistency
in bush's (at least post-october 17)
rhetoric as a "tell" that he is
fibbing about what he knew, and
when he knew it. . .

all i need do, is watch him, under fairly-
benign press corps questioning today, to
see he is being deceptive, here -- take a look,
it's only about one minute 40 seconds long:

or, in higher res -- higher bandwidth:


Life As I Know It Now said...

hey, just thought you might want to read this post by another blogger:


dickie has been very busy for a very long time it seems.

condor said...

oddly enough, i saw
that post toward the
end of 2006, lib -- and
it, along with EW's scooter
stuff, led me to create this
entire blog, abandoning one
[other] similarly-silly blog
i was writing at the time. . .

cool that you saw it, and
that it is still there. . .

p e a c e