Sunday, October 28, 2007

october 27 peace rally video! all-new "nightly nolo"!

30,000 strong, we marched, sang,
danced, meditated, prayed and
spoke for peace -- in chicago -- on
october 27, 2007. nation-
wide, over 120,000 did so,
on saturday. some of the
stills are also here
; and
a more-complete flickr-set
is now here
-- but here is a three-
minute video of all that it was -- and can be:

higher quality:

or, as a youtube flash:

apparently even the
commander of the eques-
trian unit of chicago's
finest had to agree -- it
was a thing of beauty,
worthy of preserving!

or perhaps, even,
photo-blogging. . .
[he was taking a photo
of his fellow officers,
astride their steeds. . .]

increase the

p e a c e

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