Friday, October 19, 2007

january 11, 2002 memo of law: william howard taft iv, pointing out john yoo's errors on geneva conventions, torture and rendition

this does speak for itself. taft
was colin powell's lawyer at the
department of state, at the time
it was written. no maverick, he
was appointed by bush, and
reagan, before that. . .


in the memo, taft quotes justice john
marshall, on the question of applicability
of the geneva conventions -- "to ask the
question, is to answer it. . .

a f f i r m a t i v e l y.


that was page one -- page two is below.

this document will not find
mr. taft wanting -- when the final
chapter is written on this sordid
era in our nation's history.

click on each page to enlarge it.

and lest anyone be confused, this
memo, and its attachments, definitively,
competently, and completely put to
rest the nonsense expressed by john
yoo, in "cheney's law" -- right here:

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