Thursday, October 25, 2007

"erh -- no, i did not know that," -- "i'll have to get back to you. . ." -- secretary of state condoleezza rice 10.25.07 video testimony

new nightly nolo -- in just
under three minutes of edited
video, we learn that, in ms.
rice's dictionary, "cooperation"
means "you must issue four
separate subpoenas. . ."

. . .and we learn that a paralegal,
with no anti-corruption experience,
is running an important anti-corruption
u.s. state department agency in iraq . . .

AND we learn that condi didn't know that
things are so dis-organized and turf-
bound over there, that staffers regularly
"boycott" other agency's meetings, in
disputes over "who gets to do what. . ."


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