Monday, October 22, 2007

blackwater alumni newsletter, fall 2007 -- erh, why is the "truth" placed in quotes, here?

this one, again(!), falls under
the header of "the truth will always
be far stranger.
. ." and perhaps,
far more ironic, as well. . .

i am crappin' you negative -- why oh why,
did the blackwater alumni assn. newsletter
for fall of 2007 set the word "truth" in
quotes, on its cover [click it to enlarge]?

could it be because mr. prince has already,
and repeatedly, "erh. . . corrected" his
testimony of october 2, 2007? -- or could it
be some inside joke? i dunno.

what matters is that this is an issue of
the gravest possible public, and political,
concern. has blackwater run amok in iraq?

thus, mine is "fair use"
parody -- of this

so -- in order to stave-off the inevitable
nasty-gram from the blackwater alumni assn.
lawyers, i'll point out that this text, and
this image, is plainly covered by our first
amendment rights here in america. full stop.

so -- do use, share, enjoy. it is my
gift to the reality-based blogosphere.

p e a c e


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