Friday, September 28, 2007

deeply damaging new blackwater data -- out of the state department: 09.27.07

secretary of state condoleezza
rice has apparently (just today!)
tasked deputy secretary john
negroponte with becoming more
convinced that blackwater's "hands
are clean
" -- welp. . . if anything
remotely resembling reality is to be the
standard, i'd say: "not likely"!

the new york times really is all
over the whole blackwater story,
but the lady hasn't "gone graphical"
(at least not enough for my tastes),
as of this early morning -- so, i will
[click to enlarge; then re-post freely]:

sickening -- the man under all
that blood is erik prince, founder,
and former navy seal.

now, either this means things are
far worse in iraq than even our worst
suppositions had posited -- if three in
one hundred deliveries of ambassadors,
et al., ends in a dead insurgent -- which
plainly makes the case that we should no
longer be there, at all. . .

or -- the military contractors hired by
blackwater are excessively trigger-happy.
the incident of monday past -- 11 dead -- looks
to confirm this latter scenario as the
most-likely. niether case is good for
our claim that we are about ensuring freedom.

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