Wednesday, September 19, 2007

curious: dick cheney's opinion -- reply to greenspan -- in the wall street journal today. . .

UPDATED 09.22.07@10 a.m.

the generally-pungent
peggy noonan offered this,
this morning, on the green-
span "iraq war is about oil"
-- and it is illuminating,
largely because her reportage of his
later clarification/correction, is,
in fact, much more of an admission
to the essential truth of his statement:

. . .while reading Alan Greenspan's memoir, a in which the war for Iraq was all about oil, though the wise have long been prohibited from sharing this insight with the common folk. In interviews, Mr. Greenspan now corrects that: He meant the war seemed to him, though he cannot claim it did to others in power, driven primarily by American dependence on foreign energy. . .

gee -- that's fascinating. it actually
confirms what peggy noonan, and all "the
" long knew to be true.

erh, good work, peg!


this is a noteworthy silence.

the vice president offers his
own -- mostly revisionist -- views
on almost every one of greenspan's
observations, in the ex-federal reserve
chairman's "the age of turbulence: ad-
ventures in a new world
" -- and, in
an almost point-by-point fashion, to boot. . .

but cheney writes not. a. single.
about this -- about this, mr.
cheney is entirely "sphinx-like"; solely silent:
. . .I’m saddened that it is politically
inconvenient to acknowledge what
everyone knows — the Iraq war is
largely about oil
. . .

indeed. now, greenspan is a near-diety
on wall street -- and on this one
sound-bite, if cheney were to retort,
or engage in any fashion [this one is
plainly unwinnable -- irrefutable],
the street, then the nation, too,
would brand him an outright
-- wait:

the nation already has.

why won't the street?

w h y ?

they now know he is -- and from
their very own oracle's pen, now
they just know it.

time to act, wall street -- time
for a regime change on pennsylvania
avenue -- in 2008 -- or before then.


Life As I Know It Now said...

All too true. He won't address this point because it is THE point. Everything else is just window dressing, propaganda for the masses.

condor said...

it is, indeed, "the truth
that cannot be spoken aloud

thanks lib!

p e a c e