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f.b.i. director robert mueller's march 10, 2004 notes -- unredacted -- re the ashcroft hospital "strong-arm" visit ordered by dick cheney

okay -- it's show time! -- documents
show time, that is. the background, here:

vice president dick cheney, according to
several (widely-published) sources, gave then
white house counsel alberto gonzales an order
to go to the hospital bed of john ashcroft, and
prevail upon him to allow warrantless wiretapping
of united states citizens to continue, without
any probable cause -- despite the insistence of
james comey, then acting attorney general (be-
cause john ashcroft was recovering from surgery),
that the program then in operation violated
the constitution
, and thus must either
be amended, or cease, altogether. or else, he (and
later, f.b.i. director mueller, and even later,
john ashcroft himself), would resign in protest,
and presumably, inform the appropriate authoiries
[including the h.j.c. and the s.j.c.] of these willful
violations of law by dick cheney, white house
chief of staff andrew card, and white house
counsel alberto gonzales
, in ignoring the express
provisions of then-existing law, that required
a sign-off by the f.b.i., and the attorney
general's office, on any such program.

here is the proof we have been waiting for.

here are the contemporaneous notes (typed on
march 12, 2004) of the director of the f.b.i., that
suggest very plainly that alberto gonzales lied.
they suggest that james comey told the truth: john
ashcroft was "feeble, barely articulate, and clearly
" when card and gonzales, at cheney's behest, came to
"strong-arm" him into approving the continuation of an un-
constitutional invasion of the fourth amendment rights
of privacy of all united states citizens. here it
[as ever, click to enlarge the image]:

alberto gonzales and dick cheney
are both liars.
alberto gonzales
lied, under oath, before congress,
about what happened on the night
of the above.

dick cheney lied, on cable televsion,
most recently to larry king
, about "not
" whether he ordered the
above visit. see the evidence of
that lie, in a 45 second youtube
clip i made earlier, here.


errata -- this section revised 08.16.07
@ 8:37 p.m. -- based on excellent corrections
offered by empty wheel at the nexthurrah.


note also, though pale in comparison
to the above, that the yellow-highlighted
portion of f.b.i. director mueller's
notes (above) recite that james comey -- as
attorney general john
-- was being prevented from
getting relevant information about
this program [singular!] from. . .


from. . . that's right! -- the
white house
-- presumably the vice president, because
on 03.23.04 @1200, mueller indicates, he met with cheeney,
at cheney's request. and that is the very end of his
notes related to this incident. this obviously had
to be one vice president dick cheney ("running
the whole g_d-damn dumb show
" -- to quote
mel gibson, in conspiracy theory)

so, we want to know -- what was dick cheney
doing, withholding information crucial
for the re-authorization of this supposedly-
highly effective, and urgently-needed,
surveillance program? [not to mention that he
was ordering violations of the patriot act, as
then-constituted, by withholding this information
from the attorney general of the united states.]


why -- but of course! -- dick cheney
was acting as a fourth branch, usurping
the legitimate role of the f.b.i., and the
united states attorney, in these matters.

thus the salty tone in director mueller's
contemporaneous notes. . .

that much seems plain. go re-read the
yellow-highlighted portion, above.

now, keep a good thought for the missing
six crandall canyon miners, tonight.

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