Friday, July 13, 2007

new video feature debuts! -- the [mostly occasional] "nightly nolo". . .

okay -- tonight, i thought i
might offer a more-succint video
summary, by adding in a voice-over
track, rather than just chiron-keying it
(i.e., all my earlier videos w/text, only),
so. . . i gave it a shot -- feel free
to tell me what you think. . . i do
feel like it shortens the intro/set-up
rather appreciably. . . but, i dunno,
the voice may be a distraction. . .

as to substance -- this video captures,
in about one minute of sara-taylor-
testimony, [and senator patrick-leahy-
incredulity], what is at the heart
of all the other issues
the bush administration law enforcement policies,
the bush-controlled-justice-department, and
even his policy in iraq. . . it is this view
that puts "loyalty to the king" before loyalty
to the constitution, to the rule of law, to the people,
and to our 231-year-long, most-successful, experiment
with liberty -- and power -- residing first in
the hands of the people, and thus, not the king.

kudos to sen. leahy for a truly-flawless,
and understated, line of questioning -- sara
taylor said far more, here, than she knew. . .

and so debuts the [occasional] nightly-nolo-report. . .



Anonymous said...

nolo.. I loved it! great job once again.. you have always inspired me with your determination and ability to get facts and connect dots..

The editing was wonderful..

I have got to learn how to do that.

thanks for everything

Eureka Springs

condor said...

thank you eureka springs!

as to the video editing, most
$90-or-more off-the-shelf video
software packages are now very
intuitive -- and powerful -- so
it really is simple. sheesh, if
i can figure it out, anyone can.

i've been using an early version
of roxio's dvd creator 8, lately,
but i've used final cut (when on a mac), and mgi's video-wave, and
several others. . .

they are all very easy to figure out.
[i guess you'll have to take my word on it -- until you try it
yourself, that is. . .]

-- g'night!

Robin said...


Awesome video...

And I must confess, that until now, I thought you were female. I suppose it was the pie bake-off challenge, but really it was your instinctual tell it from the gut approach.

Kudos to you--I love this site!

condor said...

thanks, robin --

oddly, at least in the progressive 'sphere, i can
think of no higher compliment,
from a woman, to be thought of
as a woman -- from writings alone.

so -- i blush with humility, and
pleasure, at your confession -- but
not from any concern around
insecurity about my gender. . .

and, i am gratified to learn that
you've found some value here. . .

btw, i do not know if bmaz can
bake pies -- but i can. and so,
the confusion is natural. . .

p e a c e,

and do stop back, to look
in on me, from time to time. . .


Anonymous said...

nolo, excellent voice over, such talent! lolo

condor said...

thanks, as always, lolo!

have a stellar weekend!

p e a c e