Monday, July 2, 2007

mr. libby is quickly running out of options. . .

without even scheduling argument,
the d.c. appeals panel, in a unanimous
two-sentence order, has ruled that the
issues lawrence s. robbins urged, on be-
half of i. lewis "scooter" libby -- in order
to remain free on bail during libby's appeals -- are
neither "substantial", nor are they "close" ones. . .

o u c h.

[i forgot -- i even predicted
the day of this decision
(last two 'graphs). . .]

take a look -- click to enlarge
[h/t to EW at the nexthurrah for
the original PDF of the order]:

given this, it may be unwise for
team libby to seek any hearing en banc,
for they are flat-out of time. their
best bet -- and a moon-shot, now, given
the summary treatment here -- is to seek
certorari from chief justice roberts.

mr. libby may continue with his "on the
" appeals, but there is no chance he
will get any movement before his surrender date
comes and goes. so -- it is off to camp fed,
just as predicted
. . .

UPDATED -- 5:55 p.m.

will bush pardon?

i doubt it -- no, he'll commute.
shit. that is a criminal abuse of power.

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