Wednesday, July 25, 2007

chairman conyers sends contempt report dated july 25, 2007 to fred fielding, at the white house

tonight, chairman john conyers
has transmitted the resolutions adopted
today to fred fielding
, to be shown to
the white house. he offers a dialogue,
but he does not back down -- there will
be no accepting the "take it or leave it"
white house offers. here is the closing
of rep. john conyers' cover letter
[as ever, click it to enlarge]:

[NEW! -- please take poll at right:
dick cheney: indict, or impeach,
or wait 'til 2009? -- you decide!]

and, here is one of the best snippets
from the full report itself -- again,
click it to enlarge the image:

it might even be comical, were it not
so tragic -- that 70 pages need be spent
to educate this white house on its duties,
as a co-equal [not supreme] branch, one of
three branches, of our government, is maddening.

and yet, the full 70 page PDF is a thing of beauty.

in one place, it lays many of the
myriad bushco. scandals bare, with
executive summaries of each, and
citations to authority, for all.

mmmmm! documentary goodness!

so, do enjoy!

[updated for the actual resolutions:]

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