Sunday, June 10, 2007

senator barack obama v. DoJ's bradley schlozman -- a VIDEO mash-up!

it seems mr. schlozman will be
"revising" portions of his june 5, 2007
testimony before the senate judiciary
committee, for "inaccuracies". that
is a polite way of saying "he lied his
face off
" while under oath, testifying
before senators leahy, feinstein, whitehouse
and nadler, among many others. . . about
his vote-supression efforts at the DoJ.

[more background, and video here.]

now, before my 2004-election-stint in the
urban wards of milwaukee, and before the
various DoJ scandals broke, i honestly
would not have thought that new,
legislation -- to
protect against voter intimidation and
voter mis-information would be needed,
here in the new millennia -- it is, after
all, 2007, not 1957. . . but as the
esteemed senator from the land of lincoln,
and the city of big shoulders here reminds
us -- the next bradley schlozman
[a protege of k-k-karl rove] or other loyal
operative for alberto-gonzales-dick-cheney-
george-bush waits in the wings -- unless we
make it more clearly a crime to do so:

and that is profoundly sad.

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