Wednesday, May 2, 2007

sometimes, only a w.t.f?! will suffice. . .

. . .and, this is one of those
times. i only wish rep. conyers
had sent/signed it -- because that
would carry an immediate
threat of contempt of cong-
ress. mr. gonzales has ignored
the production requirements
of the house subpoena issued
april 10, 2007, here, as well.

this letter confirms my earlier
supposition that what will matter
most about the murray waas bombshell
in the april 30 national journal,
is not the content of the order, so
much as the fact that gonzales will-
fully hid its existence from the
house and senate committees invest-
igating this matter
-- to say nothing
of hiding it from "we, the people".

[i read recently that this year-old order
was just published in the federal register
last week -- and, that might be yet-another
criminal violation of our open governement
laws and rule-systems. . . i will eventually
get around to looking into this one. . . but,
as ever, i seem to be digressing. . .]

so now, i defy mr. gonzales to come
up with any national security angle
to justify such "secret" governance.
[as ever, click to expand]:

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