Tuesday, May 15, 2007

perhaps a little bit giddy here. . .

but i simply could not
resist, tonight -- in view
of the coverage to appear
-- how long until
we get to read another one
of these? it was the summer
of 1974
-- and i was but a pup. . .

i'd sure like to see one from
this year's spiro agnew, too. . .

later -- here is the washington
post opinion on comey's testimony:

. . .The dramatic details should not obscure the bottom line: the administration’s alarming willingness, championed by, among others, Vice President Cheney and his counsel, David Addington, to ignore its own lawyers. Remember, this was a Justice Department that had embraced an expansive view of the president’s inherent constitutional powers, allowing the administration to dispense with following the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Justice’s conclusions are supposed to be the final word in the executive branch about what is lawful or not, and the administration has emphasized since the warrantless wiretapping story broke that it was being done under the department’s supervision.

Now, it emerges, they were willing to override Justice if need be. That Mr. Gonzales is now in charge of the department he tried to steamroll may be most disturbing of all. . .

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