Sunday, April 29, 2007

what is missing from alberto gonzales' e-mail delivereries. . .

as i wrote this post, primarily
about monica goodling
, it occurred
to me that i didn't
remember seeing
any c.y.a. e-mail
from the attorney
general -- at any
date -- ordering or
directing his sub-
ordinates to pre-
serve e-mail, cal-
endars, phone-message-
logs, other documents
and/or records related
to the ongoing investigation of the
mass-firings of u.s. attorneys. . .

where is that e-mail? it would
plainly bolster his case that he
is cooperating -- and, has done nothing
wrong -- therefore has nothing to hide. . .

why hasn't he done this?

it is pretty much a standard practice
employed by competent defense counsel
in organizational settings -- ooh. wait:
i. think. i. just. answered. my. own. question.

never mind.

more seriously -- i'll have more on
this notion of the lack of an exonerating
contemporaneous record, here, later.

[updated -- reader CTuttle, over at
firedoglake, alerts me this morning that,
whilst i was off-the-grid, emptywheel
speculated about much the same topic.
that is gratifying -- "great minds", and
all -- but i've not found the link as
of yet -- will post it here when i do. . .]


Anonymous said...

nolo --

You make a most EXCELLENT point!

Sometimes the most obvious matters are overlooked because they are so freakin' SIMPLE.

Now, supposedly, Abu Gonzales "doesn't do" email (like he "doesn't do" windows, in housecleaning parlance) -- well then where is the freakin' hardcopy MEMO he sent to all DOJ staff?!?

This is one gigantic canine which DIDN'T BARK in the middle of the night.

Thanks for hitting the nail on the head again!

Mrs. K8

condor said...

hard-copy -- e-mail,

e x a c t l y!