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". . .July 7, 2003: 6:45 briefing, Cheney and Libby asked Schmall about circumstances of trip.

7:33 Libby prints out copy of Wilson op-ed and underlines it.

8:45 Senior Staff meeting, Rove says that, we needed to get a message out about Mr. Wilson that the admin and the VP did not send him and that his report did not resolve the issue.

9:22 Cathie Martin emails Ari talking points pertaining to OVP.

9:36 Ari integrates those talking points into the gaggle.

12:00 Libby has lunch with Ari and tells him that Valerie Plame (or Plam-ay, Ari suggested) worked in Counter-Proliferation at CIA and this was very hush hush. . .

July 8: 7:35 Cheney directs Libby to leak something to Judy Miller.

At Senior Staff meeting, Rove says the Wilson story is going right to the President's credibility.

Between 8:30 and 11:45, Libby meets with Judy Miller and tells her Plame works at WINPAC.

3:30 Cheney dictates talking points to Cathie Martin. The talking points include a reference to leaking the NIE, which concerns Martin, as she believes them to be still-classified. In an edit, Libby mentions Wilson's 1999 trip.

At Cheney's direction, Libby starts to call journalists himself, possibly to leak the NIE. He speaks to David Martin and Andrea Mitchell.

4:46 Novak calls Libby, leaves a message. . .


(Roughly) October 3, probably in Jackson Hole:

Libby and Cheney discuss the leaks. Libby claims he told Cheney that he learned of Plame's identity from Russert, Libby writes sonnet –- a script for Scottie McClellan to use to publicly exonerate Libby. In response, Cheney writes:

"Not going to protect one staffer and sacrifice the guy this Pres that was asked to stick his neck in the meat grinder because of the incompetence of others. . ."

here's what that sonnet looked
like, at trial, to the jury -- (click it!):

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