Thursday, June 19, 2014

A PowerLine Joker...

Ric Olson

Last night, I wrote that you are right -- my list assumes away argument. Just as the original post's author does. I employed a tactic of dishonest rhetoric -- just as the author of this post did. I returned the favor. Thanks for making that plain. You are a useful foil.

The original author says our 44th President has acheived nothing. I disagree.

Let's leave it at that. But do be certain, only Mr. Obama had both the authoirty -- and the courage -- to pull the trigger on the daring SEAL Team 6 operation. The end of OBL belongs on his list of "Mission Accomplished!" (contra the goofy Bush photo op on the air carrier deck, re the Iraq War). Mr. Obama himself would say he didn't do it alone, at all. He had the help of intelligence, courageous special ops personnel, and ten years of tracking by all our allied agencies around the world.

He would say -- "I didn't build that" -- not alone. It took all of us. ALL of US.

US -- as in the US of America. Mr. Romney and the Republicans are so eager to tear him down that they now take his "it takes a village" explanation for businesses (businesses do need police protection, and roads and brisges and good teachers for skilled workforces) and claim it is anti-American. That, my friends is sad -- and dishonest.

As is the original author of this post.

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