Sunday, March 25, 2012

What If Dick Cheney Received Trayvon Martin's Heart?

Following up on my thoughts immediately below -- I wonder whether Mr. Cheney would feel/experience anything, differently, at some visceral level -- a level he couldn't really put into words -- if it were to turn out that his new heart came from an entirely innocent, unarmed and harmless teenager, one who happened to be black in the wrong neighborhood. [Would he be kinder. . . gentler, to the African American nurses doubtlessly tending to him -- compassionately, and selflessly -- right now?]

In short, what if Mr. Cheney's new heart. . . came from young Trayvon Martin's body?

What a novel that would make. Truly, though, recipients not all that infrequently report craving the some of the same foods, and even thinking similar thoughts, to those their donors were reported to have/hold. What a world that would be, now?

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