Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Hope Mr. Cheney's Heart Fully-Recovers. . . I Truly Do.

My disagreements with Dick Cheney are -- and have always been -- about matters evincing his lack of ethical and moral governing principles. That said, those bloggers who are making "zombie" jokes, about the fact -- as reported in the Los Angeles Times -- that Mr. Cheney no longer has a pulse, nor blood pressure (in the conventional sense) seem to me to miss the mark. Aside from the cruelty of such remarks (and the notion that we ought to demonstrate that we are not guilty of the very same conduct we demonized, in him), I think there truly is a benefit here -- should Mr. Cheney fully-recover -- for posterity. And justice.

No matter how much I disagree with the man, I do not wish death upon him. No, I want him to live into ripe old age, so that he may read, with his own eyes, how history judges his decisions -- almost uniformly -- as abject failures, on all fronts. In short, now -- with the benefit of hindsight -- I wish that the sentence for his crimes would be that he would actually live to see how history judges him. He has repeatedly said that history will look favorably on his decisions -- I can think of no more fitting punishment, then than that he will go into Eternity knowing that history has weighed him, and found him decidedly. . . wanting.

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