Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dick Cheney: As Your Blowhard Uncle (Ne'er Do-Well Version)

Dick Cheney may be the most pungent former political hack this nation has ever known. I guess he still doesn't see that over seven years of his assinine policies are the reason we are where we are now. Actually, the truth is that he knows he is the cause of this mess -- and he is seeking to rewrite his personal history, via churlish grandstanding.

We'd all do well to simply ignore this old man's blather. He is sort of like the blowhard uncle who shows up at Christmas-time, claiming to be all sorts of things he's not. It would be be simply silly, rather than sad, if Dick didn't still have loyal "leave-behinds" inside the intel community, feeding him classified information -- and thus commiting acts of treason. [He is no longer entitled to receive classified information -- not without the specific approval of the current White House. I can guarantee you that permission has not been granted.]

From the New York Daily News, then:

. . .Pfeiffer went further, saying that it was the Bush-Cheney focus on Iraq that led to Al Qaeda's strengthened presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan and that President Obama is now making America safer by employing a strategy that focuses more resources on Afghanistan.

"To put it simply: This President is not interested in bellicose rhetoric. He is focused on action," Pffiefer wrote. "Seven years of bellicose rhetoric failed to reduce the threat from Al Qaeda and succeeded in dividing this country. And it seems strangely off-key now, at a time when our country is under attack, for the architect of those policies to be attacking the President. . .


Here's to hoping that Dick Cheney will learn to keep his very own prior counsel (to others, in 2002 through 2008), in the coming year of 2010, and finally. . . STFU.

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