Sunday, May 17, 2009

dick cheney, torture, iraq, and valerie plame

EW is on fire -- again! -- here is the definitive meta-narrative, eight years in the unmasking -- it ties dick cheney directly as the hand behind the plame outing, and now, the torture tragedies. . . do go read it all. . . but quoting joe wilson now:

. . .The disinformation campaign to manipulate public opinion in favor of the invasion, the torture program, and the illegal exposure of a clandestine CIA agent—my wife, Valerie Plame Wilson -- were linked events. In their desperate effort to gather material to whip up public support, Cheney and others resorted to torture, well known in the intelligence craft to elicit inherently unreliable information. Cheney & Co. then pressured the CIA to put its stamp of approval on a series of falsehoods -- 26 of which were inserted into Secretary of State Colin Powell’s speech before the United Nations Security Council. At the same time, Cheney was furiously attempting to suppress the true information that Saddam Hussein was not seeking yellowcake uranium in Niger. After I published the facts in an article in The New York Times in July 2003, Cheney tried to punish me and discredit the truth by directing the outing of a CIA operative who happened to be my wife. . . .


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