Saturday, October 11, 2008

palin implodes -- troopergate and election day (by EW)

strictly speaking, the below is slightly
tangential to the main topic of this blog -- but
it foretells the end of cheney/bush "opacity/
secrecy in governance
" initiatives. so, the
wheel finally begins to turn -- first gonzales, now this. . .

we, the people, have both a right -- and
a responsibility -- to demand complete candor
from our would-be elected officials -- especially
where the allegations involve using one's high elected
executive branch office for a singularly inappropriate
cum-personal vendetta -- to drum-out a very
competent state trooper because he divorced the sister
of one caribou barbie (or if you prefer -- a pin-up
dominatrix -- designed especially for people at least
who profess that it is sinful to masturbate). . . .

per the ever-on-point EW, here's where it
is all very-likely headed, come nov. 4, 2008:

. . .In other words, Palin's still on the ticket, for the moment. They're probably stuck with her. After all, there are few people who would want to take over for her. I think KayBee Hutchison might help McCain--but why would you do it if you were her? Becoming McCain's running mate is no longer a desirable career move. And if he replaced Palin with Lieberman, it would devastate Republican turnout in November. So, for now, at least, Palin remains on the ticket.

Which leads me to my third point. McCain's whole campaign since he picked Palin was about "mavericks" who take on the old way of doing things. Was. That's not going to work anymore. So now he's got an unqualified but charismatic fundie fire breather, but a really tainted claim to maverickyness (though I think McCain will claim that his refusal to push the lynch mobs is more maverickyness).

In other words, since his poll numbers are already in the 42% range, McCain's bid to be President just got even more tougher, because his brand is for shit.

So point four. At some point, the Republicans are going to decide that McCain's going to lose, and they need to save as many of the congressional seats as they can. . . .

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