Friday, June 27, 2008

david addington: i subscribe to the "barnacle" theory of a fourth-branch of government -- that "barnacle" is. . . dick cheney!

watch this video!

it is only one minute,
28 seconds long -- but it quite
succinctly-captures an eight-year
history of distain for the ordinary,
rule of
law, in dripping sarcasm, from
the vice president's own
favorite in-office lawyer:

mister david addington.

just watch:

it would all be
just entirely-hilarious -- if
this shameful nonsense wasn't
a large part of the reason dick
, mr. yoo and mr. addington felt
it "okay" to torture people we captured
on a "field of battle" -- in direct
violation of the fourth article of
the geneva conventions
(to which
our nation is a signing party -- by
which this nation's officers are bound,
be they executive-, legislative-, judiciary-,
or "BARNACLE" branch members).

this is shameful.

but illuminating.

so thank-you, mr. david addington -- your
candor, and contempt for the rule of
law -- is eye-openingly refreshing!

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