Tuesday, June 3, 2008

and now, we've been visited by the ghosts of fitz-mas yet-to-come!

i'll add more on
this in a few minutes,
but i wanted to get it
right out -- it is
now very clear that
DoJ knows that
i know that "they"
are looking at me -- or,
mine -- or, at matthew w.
friedrich's testimony
more precisely -- made
public a year ago,
in may of 2007, by
HJC chairman john conyers.

see the latest (statcounter.com)
screen-cap image [click to enlarge!]:

note that the above is just one of
four visits, since i wrote the first post.

and yep -- that is d.c., in the google
map, mere moments ago! note that the
visitor from DoJ read my "fitz-mas
ghost post
". . . heh. hilarious!

as ever, more to come, but the
truth will likely be far stranger. . .

n a m a s t é

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