Monday, March 24, 2008

four-thousand soldiers now dead. 4,000 -- for what?

this is truly tragic -- over 97 percent
of these deaths came AFTER cheney-bush
idiotically declared "mission accomplished!"
in may, 2003. . .

4,000 of our uniformed service-people, now
vanished into the mists of eternity -- one
in six were not even old enough to drink. . .

two dozen were old enough for an AARP card. . .

twenty-two died on thanksgiving days,
or on christmases, and at least five
on their own birthdays. . .


[i am 100 percent supportive of
anti-war/pro-peace demonstrations,
but this, imo -- throwing fake blood
inside chicago's holy name cathedral,
on easter sunday morning
-- is not the
way to win the hearts and minds of well-
meaning, but undecided americans. . .

this makes the anti-war movement look
as "fringe" as those mis-guided souls
who throw blood on patients at family
planning clinics -- the radical catholics. . .]

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