Thursday, January 17, 2008

skiing at beaver creek -- price: about $100 -- disagreeing with dick cheney while there -- price: your liberty

i will provide the motion to compel
richard bruce cheney's testimony on
this matter, once it is filed in DC
next week -- but suffice it to say, this
will all be very embarrassing for the veep.

[motto: listen to the little people, dick.]

so -- what is the simplest (and thus, the most probable) explanation, here?

it is that cheney, while
walking away, unscathed,
but annoyed, ordered his
guys to arrest the colo-
radoan -- steven howards -- and
now, very very much
like one i. lewis
"scooter" libby
before them, cheney has
left his security detail
twisting in the breeze,
all for following his
stupidly unlawful orders.

or so we'll learn, if
we ever get richard "the
" cheney under oath.

the guards are all turning
on one another, because they
know that beaver creek is plainly a "first amendment free expression zone" -- even in dick cheney's america.

p e a c e

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