Saturday, January 5, 2008

not-so-O/T: murdoch's oil-savvy much in evidence, here

i think i saw a mention of the
below-quote on thinkprogress, or TPM,
but i can't find it at the moment. in
any event, here is one more piece of
graphic-proof that we had no idea of
what we were going to get into, in iraq
[click to enlarge]:


note particularly that, in constant
purchasing power
, the price of oil,
prior to our iraq war II, was actually
down from where it was in 1988 (note also
the spike during iraq war I), yet we
seemed to learn nothing, there. . .

finally, as i searched in vain for an
original source for the above-murdoch
quote, it became plain that he was
simply parroting various financial fore-
casts of the day
. all the more reason
not to trust his savvy -- nor cheney's;
nor dubbya's. . .

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