Tuesday, December 18, 2007

senator dodd saves liberty's christmas -- for now, at least!

this is a less than
30 second new "nightly
" video -- thanking sen.
dodd for his efforts, to save
liberty's christmas from the
grinch FISA amenders -- dick
cheney chief among them. . .

do take a look:

[synopsis: senator chris dodd was able
to convince sen. reid to delay consideration
of the unfavorable version of the FISA amendment
bill until at least january 2008 -- giving time
for the sen. patrick leahy-sponsored version to
win additional support -- and likely derail efforts
to grant retroactive immunity to telecoms for
ignoring the clear provisions of then-existing
law, thus allowing unlimited access to innocent
citizens' data without so much as a written order. . .

but it seems all his efforts have earned
sen. dodd an entirely unwelcome invitation. . .]

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