Sunday, December 2, 2007

new document dump in u.s. attorney firing scandal -- 11.27.07 -- courtesy o' rep. john conyers' HJC

U P D A T E D:
12.03.07 @ 7:15 p.m.

emptywheel, over at her snazzy
new digs
-- replete with stone
crushing wheel masthead(!) -- makes
an excellent point, in her reference
to mine on this topic. she notes that
most of the next page, after the one
i imaged, in purple, below, is blank.

redacted. almost a whole page.
what the eff is that about?
everyone involved (we were told,
anyway) already resigned. . .
so, what's the deal with the
redaction of the march 6, 2007
email kerfluffle?

watch EW's space -- she'll
surely let us know -- and her
guesses will be better than most
folks' facts. . .

p e a c e

original post: 12.02.07 @ 9:05 p.m.

while much of what appears
in this latest document dump from
the department of justice simply
confirms the "keystone cops caper"
of a cover-up job re the real reasons
these u.s. attorneys were cut loose,
i do not remember ever seeing dana
perino -- white house spokesperson,
she -- so clearly agitated in any
of the earlier doument dump emails. . .

that, i think, is new.

and -- i think -- i read every page
of every one, over the last seven months. . .

so -- while the full three sets
are under this link at the house
judiciary committee
-- here we see
dana perino plainly opining that
even she knew it would be inapprop-
riate for pete domenici to contact
u.s. attorney iglesias about any
ongoing investigation. . .

that was in early-march of 2007.

and yet, we were insulted by months
of denials, half-truths and outright lies
about the real reasons these professional were fired.

to coin [more precisely,
quote] a phrase: "bad. -- very bad. . .":

[just click the image to enlarge it.]

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