Friday, December 21, 2007

judge kennedy to decide whether to hold full hearing on destruction of torture tapes (as of 12.21.07) at a later date. . .

this is not perfect, but
it clearly not a lost-cause, as
the new york times is erroneously
reporting, at the moment. here
is the docket entry -- minute order:

Minute Entry for proceedings
held before Judge Henry H. Kennedy:

Motion Hearing held on 12/21/2007 re [doc #219]

Emergency MOTION for Hearing on Respondents's
Compliance with Document Preservation Order

The court takes its decision under advisement.

(Court Reporter: Annie Shaw) (tj)

simply put, judge kennedy did not
rule from the bench today -- he'll look
it over, first -- probably doing some
research of his own, as well. . .

so, again -- these are complex issues, mainly
because in this case (as opposed to the one now
pending before judge leonie brinkema), it is
not crystal-clear that judge kennedy's earlier
order to preserve documents emcompasses the
actual tapes the government now admits it destroyed. . .

so, we will wait and see -- i would not
expect anything until at least the second
week of january 2008, given the holdiays.

p e a c e

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