Thursday, December 6, 2007

i'm not even sure where to begin with these destroyed -- but previously claimed not-to-exist -- tapes of near-torturous interrogations

it isn't often that one disclosure -- in
this case, a disclosure by the new york
times (due out tomorrow)
, changes so
many things, and so, so profoundly.

[now, be sure to read EW's
on this
, she's right on it!]

i genuinely do not know where to
begin, here -- not only did the government
make false statements about the non-existence
of any videotapes of near-torture interrogations,
but then, while the investigation into these
matters was underway, political agents in the
government oversaw the destruction of
these very same tapes. . . this is a "very big deal."

there are long jail-sentences ready made,
for all actors involved here -- a federal court
judge was lied to under oath, in writing, and
repeatedly. . . the united states supreme
court may want to hear new arguments on the
guantanamo-habeas case, argued just yesterday,
given this stunningly-duplicitous piece of gov-
ernmental ledger-domain. . .

[assuming of course, that micheal mukasey
will perform as he promised he would, in
the hearings on his confirmation, before
the u.s. senate judiciary committee -- and,
let me say, that he, too, would be indictable,
were he to choose to ignore lawlessness of this magnitude. . .]

and -- given that these interrogations were engin-
eered, from a legal point of view, by david adding-
ton's goading of john yoo, and all at dick cheney's
direction. . . we may be reaching the critical mass-
point for a direct indictment of dick cheney.

yes -- i think that could be made to stick, now.

just yesterday, cheney was taking credit for the
methods used in these interrogations, at the white
house. . . it is high-time for him to accept re-
sponsibility for all this, all that was done, very-
plainly, at his order. ["allegedly." except that
several very credible people have now corrobor-
ated his role, in the inerrogations' design. . .]

take a look at an operative paragraph from
the government's latest letter to the judge,
in the moussaoui case, on this -- they'll now
need to also say that these tapes were destroyed.

she'll be pleased (not) -- click to enlarge:

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