Tuesday, December 4, 2007

could THIS be why mcconnell released the NIE on iran's non-nukes?

at a november 30, 2007 press briefing,
state department spokesman sean mccormack
cited "an IAEA report"(?) for this propostion:

QUESTION: One more, thanks. How long you think diplomacy will play a role, and because in the meantime you said that support has not gone down as far as countries are concerned against Iranian nuclear program and also at the same time Iran is progressing and going ahead with their nuclear program. Can you update how far now they have gone? Have they stopped during this diplomacy and during these UN resolutions and pressure, or they are continuing with their program?

MR. MCCORMACK: Well, they have said that they are continuing with their program. I think the most recent IAEA report has said that they are continuing with their uranium enrichment program and that really is at the core of what we're talking about here. The fact that they are proceeding along, continuing to make progress and trying to make progress on the most important part of any nuclear program -- and that is the enrichment phase. It's the hardest part. It takes the longest period of time. So that, from the very beginning, has been our source of concern and that has been the focus of our efforts, to get them to suspend those activities and in exchange for that, realize negotiations with us.

QUESTION: So the more time you give diplomatically the more they are going ahead with their program so one day it will be too late maybe?

MR. MCCORMACK: Well, let's all hope that the Iranian regime takes the positive pathway that's been laid out for them. . .

that was friday -- and on monday, the smack-down NIE on iran.

interesting timing, no?


Liberality said...

yes sir, that was indeed a smackdown. but don't worry, they'll twist around and find something, any little thing, that could just possibly, even barely, bolster their arguement.

nolo said...

he he!

thanks, lib!

this one is piling
up deep, and deeper,
like the snow outside. . .

dubbya dug himself a
very deep hole on it all,
today -- even republicans are
expressing disbelief of his
"i did not ask for, nor receive,
the NEW iran nuke info i was
TOLD by mconnell, he had in august. . ."

yet this was the latest fetish
of both bush and cheney -- a
causa belle for launching on iran.


thanks for the cogent comment!

p e a c e