Thursday, November 8, 2007

two images for faxing on FISA mark-up -- delayed to november 15, 2007. . .

this is in response to the
brainstorming thread, at FDL. . .

take, download, modify, and
fax and enjoy. . . click 'em
to get very high-res versions; now the
orignal text of our fourth amendment:

go -- light up those phone & fax lines!


flotron9 said...

Thanks for the graphics. We can never post too much Constitution text these days ... anywhere!

nolo said...

you are certainly
right about that,
flotron9 -- send
it along with a letter,
by fax, to members of
the senate judiciary
committee -- for next
thursday's mark-up
session/vote. . .

p e a c e

Liberality said...

makes you wonder doesn't it.

nolo said...

indeed, it does, lib.

p e a c e