Tuesday, November 6, 2007

senate judiciary committee vote on mukasey -- 10 a.m., e.s.t. LIVE VIDEO -- today

will he garner ten "up"
votes, the number required
to reach the floor of the
senate with a favorable

it will be on c-span3,
live at 10 a.m.

we'll see, but he'll likely
reach the floor for a vote,
one way or another, and there
aren't nearly enough votes
to keep him from his seat.

so -- it is all but decided.



Liberality said...

yes, when I heard this on the morning news I thought "here we go again!" everytime I think the Dems are going stand for something some of these asses fall down on the job yet AGAIN. I get way too angry when I think about all this for any length of time. No wonder people just give up.

nolo said...

on the other hand -- for
at least a little while, this
afternoon, it looked like
the impeach cheney resolution
might actually reach the floor
of the house, for an up or down
vote. . .

but now it has been sent off
to the judiciary committee.

so no dice -- and so it goes.

p e a c e