Saturday, November 17, 2007

the fourth amendment, to FISA: "don't shred me, bro!"

be sure to check in
with firedoglake,
early next week, as they'll
certainly have the all latest
calling lists, and action items, in
our campaign to keep FISA's
provisions from shredding our
cherished fourth amendment. . .

feel free to embed, post,
link or re-use this youtube. . .

[it is free of all promotional
"bumpers", clean and under 30
seconds in running time]:

p e a c e


Liberality said...

just stopped by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Keep up the good work on this blog of yours!

nolo said...

you too, lib! -- we
all have so very much
to be thankful for, even
as we -- you and i, both -- try
to improve the things we see
wrong with the world. . .

thanks for stopping by. . .

p e a c e