Wednesday, October 31, 2007

voluminous -- 170-plus pages -- NEW written answers from michael mukasey, dated october 31, 2007

[sen. leahy indicated, at
the FISA hearing this morning,
that a vote may come on mukasey
as early as next week, on tues-
day -- november 6, 2007.]

the document is in
PDF format, and is located
-- later, i may set some
of his most important, and pre-
viously-unpublished positions, below. . .

but not now -- off
to client-work
. . .

p e a c e


. . .As I stated in my testimony, I
believe that the memo was worse than
a sin
; it was a mistake. . . [this is
the so-called Bybee
torture memo,
which memo Dean
Harold Koh of the
Yale Law School
called "perhaps the
most clearly-erroneous
legal opinion I have
ever read. . . a stain
upon our law and our
national reputation. . ."]

. . .I disagree that torture may ever be
justified by any claim of "necessity". . .

. . .Torture should be prohibited without
regard to whether it might lead to good intelligence
. . .

I do not believe the President has the
Constitutional authority to direct torture,
and I believe that laws prohibiting torture
are binding on the President
. . .

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