Thursday, October 25, 2007

this is deeply disappointing -- on all levels. "corrupt is, as corrupt does."

released by chairman waxman, in the
wake of the condi rice hearing, today, this
is an official iraqi governmental document
[see below the image for a translation] -- click to enlarge:


Ref.: m.r.n/s/7/914
Date: 04/01/2007
(Personal, Confidential and Very Urgent)

To/The General Commission of Integrity

743 Subject/Referral

Peace, mercy and blessings
of Allah be upon you!

It has been decided not to refer any
of the following parties to the court
until approval of His Excellency,
the Prime Minister, is obtained:

l. Presidential office

2. Council of Ministers

3. Current and previous ministers

With appreciation

Signed by:

Dr. Tariq Najim Abdullah

Prime Minister's Office Manager

A copy to/
- Presidential Office-Diwan/
Please be informed ...With appreciation

- Both Prime Minister Deputies/
Please be informed ...With appreciation

- Ministers' Cabinet Secretary
General's Office/Please be informed...
With appreciation

- Organizing unit
- Followup
- Issued correspondence file

so -- in essence, the freely elected prime
minister of iraq has decreed that any invest-
igation of corruption inside the republic of
iraq -- involving high officers of his
government -- may only occur with his
explicit permission -- which will never come.

is this really the sort of free and open
government we are trying to instill?

is this the sort of thing we have
sent our sons and daughters off, to
bleed and sacrifice and die for?

forgive me, but i am out of patience.

of course, until the prime minister
demands that we leave, we -- as an occupying
force -- need not respect this edict in any
form or fashion. [although, the iraqi parliment
has asked us to leave, already. . .] and so,
it seems the cheney/bush model of govern-
has been a little too-precisely copied
inside the republic of iraq. "corrupt is. . .
as corrupt does. .


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