Wednesday, October 3, 2007

a letter asking sec. of state rice to avoid conflicts of interest -- about blackwater -- from sen. leahy. . .


10.04.07 @ 9 a.m.

good news
from the f.b.i.


this afternoon, sen. patrick
leahy wrote the secretary of state,
condoleezza rice, to ask that she
assign diplomatic guards to the
f.b.i. agents now in baghdad,
investigating the september 16,
2007 blackwater shooting (of at
least 17 apparently unarmed,
and at least arguably innocent
iraqi citizens). specifically he
asked that the f.b.i. not be
required to travel under the
"protection" of the same blackwater
guards they are investigating, while
conducting their investigation.

take a look -- as ever, click
to view full-size:

this is a good start -- now, ms. rice
has an opportunity to renounce the
thuggish rhetoric offered by rep. issa
last night -- he suggested that rep.
henry waxman ought to go to iraq to in-
vestigate the blackwater scandal -- and
be guarded by. . . blackwater agents.

in other words -- be left out to dry,
or worse -- be sniped by them. a real
class act, that rep. issa, huh? yeh.

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