Monday, August 13, 2007

sen. leahy and rep. conyers issue statements on continuing investigations despite rove's resignation

i need not re-type what
many others, including EW have,
in order to tell you what you
already know -- some thing
large, and unfavorable, is
going to break regarding karl
rove in the coming weeks.

i guess the good news is that
his claim to any actual privilege
has now been further diminished, and
neither the senate or house judiciary
committees have any intention of for-
getting about his defiance of their
subpoenas. . .

August 13, 2007

Earlier this month, Karl Rove failed to comply with the Judiciary Committee's subpoena to testify about the mass firings of United States Attorneys. Despite evidence that he played a central role in these firings, just as he did in the Libby case involving the outing of an undercover CIA agent and improper political briefings at over 20 government agencies, Mr. Rove acted as if he was above the law. That is wrong. Now that he is leaving the White House while under subpoena, I continue to ask what Mr. Rove and others at the White House are so desperate to hide. Mr. Rove’s apparent attempts to manipulate elections and push out prosecutors citing bogus claims of voter fraud shows corruption of federal law enforcement for partisan political purposes, and the Senate Judiciary Committee will continue its investigation into this serious issue.

The list of senior White House and Justice Department officials who have resigned during the course of these congressional investigations continues to grow, and today, Mr. Rove added his name to that list. There is a cloud over this White House, and a gathering storm. A similar cloud envelops Mr. Rove, even as he leaves the White House.

August 13, 2007

The need for Karl Rove to explain his role in the firing of the U.S. Attorneys does not diminish when he leaves the White House. Our investigation to date has revealed the White House’s contempt for the rule of law and its interest in the politicization of the Department of Justice.

While resignations at DoJ and the White House continue to mount, questions raised by this investigation remain. We will continue to seek answers to these questions and expect full cooperation from Mr. Rove and other officials regardless of whether they are employed by the White House.

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Anonymous said...

Update: It's now Jan. 20th 2009, and Conyers has done nothing. Rove is still at large, guest speaking on Fox, thumbing his nose at Conyers and Pelosi. Someone needs to remind him that he serves the American public and we demand more than lip service.