Tuesday, August 7, 2007

the revolution WILL be you-tube-ized!

"the revolution will NOT
be anorexic -- it will be PHAT,
and happy. . .

while on a road-vacation, i've
decided, with great pride, to offer
a video my son just finished making,
a video that updates gil scott herron's
"the revolution will not be televised". . .

but first, for context, here, i
offer the original -- the
incomparable gil scott heron:

the updated -- youth-lab project
will appear below, shortly -- after
final editing is completed. . . later
in the coming week
-- trust me, you
will be amazed! -- it is almost
completely on-topic for this blog, to boot!


Liberality said...

I have tagged you with a thinking blog award. see my post on 8-5-07 for instructions!

nolo said...


thank you!

[completed my part. . .]

thanks again!