Thursday, August 30, 2007

O/T -- kenneth foster's "tex-a-cution" averted -- at the last minute!

this is off-topic for this
blog, but it may be the beginning
of a trend in texas, away from the
bush-gonzales death-machine-at-all-
costs. . . finally, a texas governor
has shown the wisdom to accept his
own parole board's recommendation (he
ignored it, putting a severely-mentally-ill
man to death, only about half-a-year-
ago) -- kenneth foster's death sentence
has been commuted to life without parole. . .

foster was no angel, but he was no murderer.

foster was simply the get-away car driver in a crime where another admitted to being the trigger-man. in most states, only the trigger-man would be sentenced to death. but not so,
in the bush-gonzales-run texas
state-system of the mid-1990s. . .

[pictured above is foster, his girl-
friend, and her young daughter. . .]

the death penalty is, in all
circumstances, cruel and unusual
punishment -- it violates our
eighth amendment, and our evolving
notions of decency and ordered liberty.

shut it down. forever.


Liberality said...

The Death Penalty: a way to kill those who have no money for a decent lawyer and so the state takes away every last right up to and including the right to life.
Never mind that this guy has to spend his entire life in jail for driving the get away car: that in itself, IMO, is cruel and unusual punishment. There are rapists who get less and committ what I believe is a far more serious crime.

nolo said...

word up on that, lib. . .

been reading yours silently
of late -- good stuff on looks-ism,
and the one on what the bhudda
said. . .

p e a c e