Wednesday, August 15, 2007

one more O/T -- tula connell @ firedoglake -- on the utah six

'tis scant excuse, but i was
on a road-trip vacation last week,
so i entirely missed tula connell's
very fine piece on the crandall mine
. in it, she linked to a
pdf file made available by dem. rep.
george miller, one of the congressmen
responsible for worker-safety oversight.

that pdf is an 11-page emergency response
plan amendment for the crandall canyon coal
mine, just approved by the mine safety and
health administration on june 13, 2007.

here is the company's transmittal
letter from that filing, and the
mine safety zone map for crandall
canyon [as ever, click to enlarge]:

keep a good thought that the
six were able to make for the
oxygen-stows on the level of
the collapse -- and maybe even
reach the potable water and
rations -- assuming these areas
were fully-stocked as required
by federal regulations, and this
emergency response plan.

/s/ brass no. 4733

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